Pneumatics Library

Modelon’s Pneumatics Library is used to verify and optimize the design of complete pneumatic systems throughout a product lifecycle.

Applications include suspension and brake systems, machine tools, heavy-duty pneumatic tools such as jackhammers, impact wrenches and drills.

The Pneumatics Library provides components for modeling cylinders and motors, valves and nozzles, lumped volumes, lines and sensors. Specially designed components can be modeled by modifying library components and users can easily connect components to create non-standard configurations.

pneumatic arm used in assembly line production

Multi position cylinders consist of typically two or three connected cylinders to reach three or four end positions. There is typically one port for every head-end chamber and one port for the connected rod-end chambers. In this example three cylinders are used from the library. One single rod, two double rod cylinders, one of them with pneumatic stroke cushioning. They are connected by ElastoGaps.


  • Ability to combine system and component design in the same tool
  • Can be easily integrated into any application domain
  • Well-suited for control design
  • Can be used for real-time applications
  • Wide range of standard components
  • Customizable and extensible
  • Models usable for hardware-in-the-loop applications


Air brakes

Large trucks often use air brake systems. The Pneumatics Library from Modelon offers all the components — including compressors, reservoirs, valves and chambers — necessary for this type of application. It is fully compatible with the Modelica Standard Library for modeling the brake caliper and discs and with the Vehicle Dynamics Library for full-vehicle system analysis


Jackhammers are powered by compressed air, making the Pneumatics Library ideal for studying dynamic effects such as behavior at different working frequencies. The library also enables users to study other effects such as power loss due to leakages and piston mass. The Pneumatics Library is applicable to everything from small handheld jackhammers to large excavator-mounted jackhammers.



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