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Meet Modelon Impact – a cloud platform for virtually designing, simulating, and analyzing industrial systems.

System simulation in the cloud

At your organization, it’s important for your engineering teams to work with simulation tools that are robust enough to give quick and reliable solutions to complex problems. But system simulation doesn’t need to stop there. Bring the benefits of system simulation to your entire organization and partners with Modelon Impact.

Modelon Impact helps us deliver successful model-based design projects to our clients. Our ability to customize, adapt, and iterate upon models has drastically improved compared to our previous tools. The included libraries are very well-stocked with validated components, allowing us the flexibility to meet client requirements with a high-level of trust in our models.”

John Bush

President, OTS Energy LLC

Modelon beat out the other solutions we had evaluated because of the range of component libraries supplied in Modelon Impact and Modelon’s dedication to its customers. Modelon Impact is easy to use when we want to test multiple simulations. If we get stuck, it’s refreshing to be able to directly reach out to the developers of the technology to get the support and direction that we can trust. This level of support helps us make quicker decisions in our product development cycle.

Arne Knoblauch

Chief Technology Officer, 1W1 GmbH

What separates Modelon Impact’s validated models from the other providers is that they are physical system models. The other platforms we evaluated did not offer ready-to-go content that specialized in physical systems. Even more, we know that Modelon Impact’s models are validated on a commercial scale which helps yield results that we can trust.

Sapfo Tsoutsou

Thermal Engineer Lightyear

Superior productivity, wherever you go

Enable advanced system simulation wherever you have internet access. Access Modelon Impact’s commercially validated libraries, expertly developed workflows, and robust solvers from a browser.

No Installation or Manual Updates

Gone are the days of tedious installations and missed software updates. Simply log in through your web browser and go.

Extensive Processing Power

Use powerful cloud based multi-CPU hardware to scale simulations without burdening local machines.

Industry Workflows and Validated Component Libraries

Have more confidence in your simulation results with the commercially validated components included within Modelon Impact. Go from modeling to deployment with expert developed workflows for a wide range of industry applications.

An open-standards platform that fits with your existing toolchain

Use the right platform for your projects. Easily integrate Modelon Impact into your existing open-standard compliant tools and proprietary tools via APIs.

Readily Available APIs

Connect Modelon Impact with other tools using documented REST and Python APIs.

Accessible Model Code

Directly access the Modelica code behind your models to understand how they’re defined, make changes, author custom model components and integrate 3rd party component libraries.

JupyterLab Integration

Run notebooks and script simulations directly from the pre-installed JupyterLab environment.

Upgrade collaboration inside and outside your organization

Connect engineering departments, internal stakeholders, and partners. Use readily available sharing features to communicate information from a single source of truth.

Model Repository Sharing

Create, share, and access models in repositories that can be shared within your team.

Web Application Support

Create web applications that interact with a detailed Modelon Impact model in real-time.

Customizable Model Modes

Share system models with adjustable parameters and data visualization widgets to help non-technical users interpret data.

Make decisions that lead to better technology

Leverage a system simulation platform that helps explain simulation results to the decision-makers of your organization.

Built-in Support

Whether you prefer one-to-one support or reading through guides on the Modelon Help Center, access everything you need from the platform.

Connection to Custom Applications

Connect Modelon Impact with custom applications that speak the language of any decision maker.

Reliable Results

Modelon Impact’s commercially hardened solver and libraries are trusted by hundreds of engineering organizations.

Solutions tailored for your industry

Modelon’s expertise in modeling, simulation, and optimization covers a broad range of industries. This expertise is built into Modelon Impact, and available to our customers through product support and consulting. Learn more about Modelon Impact for your industry.

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What are the advantages of Modelon Impact?

The only cloud-native system simulation platform

System simulation in the cloud offers unparalleled accessibility, no installation headaches, and virtually unlimited resources to tackle any task.

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