Aerospace System Simulation Solutions

Modelon’s cloud-native platform, Modelon Impact, enables accurate physical modeling and simulation for aircraft systems and sub-systems.


Design, simulate, and produce better aircraft from a single platform

Meet Modelon Impact – a cloud platform for designing, simulating, and analyzing physical systems. Our aerospace simulation experts have equipped Modelon Impact with everything your team needs to perform accurate and actionable physical modeling and simulation for a wide range of aircraft types.

  • Commercially validated multi-physics component libraries
  • Multi-domain physical modeling and simulation
  • Model deployment for control design
  • Accessible workflows for common aerospace applications

Modelon’s cloud-native platform, Modelon Impact, enables accurate physical modeling and simulation for aircraft systems and sub-systems.

System simulation elevates engineering teams to new levels of productivity and innovation. Be at the forefront of designing cutting-edge aircraft with Modelon Impact.

Faster Time to Market

Make better decisions about aircraft system architectures with quick and accurate simulation results.

Sustainable Power Integration

Simulate aircraft performance for hydrogen powered and electric aircraft with customizable performance parameters.

Technology Modernization

Test novel concepts on existing aircraft systems using state-of-the-art model components.

Increased Internal Collaboration

Seamlessly work with internal and external teams on the cloud to streamline the engineering design process.

Aerospace System Simulation Applications

Plan and assess cooling systems ranging from light air cycles (“environmental control systems”) to highly efficient vapor cycles. Analyze their dynamics and performance as standalone systems or integrated with liquid cooling systems and the fuel system. Consider different heat exchangers, compressors, turbines, pumps, and ejectors. Select suitable refrigerants and coolants. 

Gregory Leaper

Senior Engineering Manager, Collins Aerospace

The Fuel System Library provides an industry-proven foundation for the model-based design of aircraft fuel systems. It is being applied successfully to KAI’s latest program KF-X and is helping KAI make better informed decisions to optimize the product.

Changsoo Lee

Korea Aerospace Industries, Ltd.

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