Simulation Engineering Software for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, & Refrigeration Systems

Modelon’s cloud-native platform, Modelon Impact, enables accurate physical modeling and simulation for HVAC and Refrigeration systems and sub-systems.

Design, simulate, and produce better HVAC & Refrigeration systems from a single platform

Meet Modelon Impact – a cloud platform for designing, simulating, and analyzing physical HVAC and Refrigeration systems. Modelon Impact enables engineers to model heating, refrigeration, and air conditioning systems using commercially validated and customizable components. For more complex modeling and simulation projects, our HVAC and Refrigeration industry experts are ready to guide you along your journey.  

Use Modelon Impact for:

  • District heating and cooling systems
  • Geothermal, air-to-air, and water-source heat pump design
  • Steady-state and dynamic simulation 
  • Building models used for HiL and SiL applications 
  • Multi-domain modeling 
  • Digital twin development for predictive maintenance and optimal operations 

Get the most out of system simulation with Modelon Impact

System simulation elevates engineering teams to new levels of productivity and innovation. Be at the forefront of designing cutting-edge heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems with Modelon Impact.

Higher Design Reliability

Make better design decisions when building HVAC and Refrigeration systems with quick and accurate simulation results. Simulate HVAC and Refrigeration systems for cost calculations, temperature analysis, load profile strategy, and overall system performance that would be otherwise difficult to test for in laboratories.

Reduced Development Costs

Build virtual copies for fast exploration of new design concepts, evaluation of different refrigerants, redesign of current systems, and thus respond to the constant changes and requirements in the industry.

HVAC Technology Modernization

Create virtual copies of existing HVAC and Refrigeration systems to retrofit your technology with renewable energy sources, up-to-date methods, and high-performance components.

Increased Internal Collaboration

Seamlessly work with internal and external teams on the cloud to streamline the engineering design process.

HVAC & Refrigeration System Simulation Applications

Model different types of heat pumps, boilers, and other equipment with varying heat source inputs to power district heating and cooling systems for residential and commercial buildings.

District Heating and Cooling

What customers are saying about Modelon

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Modelon Impact being cloud-based makes it very easy for us to access the platform and our projects. This helps foster collaboration within our team and streamline our design process.

Emil Hell

Heat Pumps Proposal Manager , Siemens Energy

Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories has worked with Modelon for many years, both in using its libraries to model vapor compression cycles and HVAC equipment, and for providing consulting and support for Modelica tools. We have always enjoyed working with them because they provide friendly and prompt support, as well as keen insights that help us improve our model-based processes.

Christopher Laughman

Senior Principal Research Scientist and Senior Team Leader, Multiphysical Systems.

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Residential Heat Pump Application Brochure

Optimizing heating and cooling systems is imperative to meet the demands of an energy-efficient and sustainable world. We understand the challenges faced by engineers, architects, and HVAC professionals in designing residential heat pumps that are not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective.

Platform Demo

Residential Heat Pump Design

In this video, Adhemar Araoz, HVAC & Refrigeration Industry Expert at Modelon, demonstrates how Modelon Impact can be used to design a heat pump system, select the right refrigerants, and analyze simulation results to predict energy and cost efficiency.

Customer Testimonial

Validating Transient Operation and Control Strategy for Industrial Heat Application Systems at MAN Energy Solutions

Leonhard Wolscht, Simulation Engineer at MAN Energy Solutions, discusses using Modelon Impact for heat application systems. Listen as Leonhard talks about going beyond steady-state modeling and simulation to test and validate transient operation and control strategies for industrial heat pumps.

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