Engine Dynamics Library

The Engine Dynamics Library is used for combustion engine systems modeling, simulation and analysis, including engine to intake/exhaust flow paths, intercoolers, turbochargers, and EGR-loops. Pressure and thermal dynamics of the complete air and exhaust gas exchange are explicitly modeled. Several turbocharger and EGR configurations can be modeled, including variable geometry turbine designs. The library is well suited for creating models used in transient engine response and related engine control.

Typical applications for Engine Dynamics Library include control design, analysis of transient engine performance, and transient emissions studies. The library has been successfully deployed in industry for developing models and controls a complete engine system, including diesel after-treatment systems.

Engine Dynamics Library is a product of Modelon and is distributed by Modelon and partners worldwide.

modelica diagram of a turbocharged engine with cooled exhaust gas recirculation

engine and air conditioning system within vehicle

Modelica diagram of a turbocharged engine with cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). The model dynamics is determined by: volume sizes, moment of inertia of cylinder flywheel and turbo system, and thermal capacities of the cylinder block and component walls.


  • Multi domain: Fluid mechanics, thermal dynamics, and mechanics captured in the same tool.
  • Air gas exchange dynamics
  • Well-suited for control design
  • Easy-to-use templates of complete engine systems which can be extended and adapted for custom needs


The Engine Dynamics Library have been successfully deployed in industry to develop multi-variable control of a complete unit consisting of both the engine and after-treatment system.

Models developed in the Engine Dynamics Library can be exported easily using the FMI technology for Simulink and/or Hardware In the Loop (HIL) applications.


  • Controls development
  • Software in the loop (SIL) or Model in the loop infrastructure for engine systems
  • HIL verification of ECUs
  • Modeling of exhaust-gas temperatures for investigating transient catalyst/after treatment boundary conditions
  • System-wide interdisciplinary modeling and energy management ideal for hybrid vehicles.


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