Modelon Library Suite

A comprehensive suite of Modelica libraries expertly designed for your physical system modeling needs.

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The Modelon Library Suite consists of 17 expertly designed Modelica-based libraries covering a wide range of industries, domains, and applications. Each library is carefully developed by a team of modeling experts with deep domain knowledge in modeling, simulation, and optimization. The Modelon Library Suite is available in Modelon Impact and for integration into third-party platforms

Example Models

Modelon’s libraries contain example models for common applications which can be copied and customized within a user’s workspace.

Validated Components

Modelon’s libraries are validated through close partnerships with our customers.

Multi-Domain Modeling

Our libraries are designed so users can easily execute multi-domain modeling on a system or sub-system level.

Flexible & Customizable

Built on the open-standard Modelica language, users can view and build source code as well as import in-house or 3rd party compliant components.

Available Component Libraries

Air Conditioning

Equipped with refrigeration cycle templates and components

Aircraft Dynamics

Suitable for designing fixed-wing aircraft and their sub-systems

Electric Power

Ideal for analysis of electric power systems


Suitable for a wide variety of electrification applications

Energy Systems

Ideal for investment planning and operation of hybrid energy systems

Engine Dynamics

Suitable for transient engine response and related engine controls

Environmental Control

Developed for analysis of aircraft environmental control systems

Fuel Cell

Ideal for research, design, and configuring fuel cell systems

Fuel System

Capable of verifying fuel systems on civil and military aircraft

Heat Exchanger

Provides geometry-based heat exchangers, focused on compact designs


Suitable for industries that develop hydraulic components

Hydro Power

Provides a framework for modeling and simulating hydro power plant operations

Jet Propulsion

Ideal for model-based design of integrated aircraft systems

Liquid Cooling

Includes components with geometry-based resistance correlations


Suitable for optimizing the design of complete pneumatic systems

Thermal Power

Ideal for analyzing power generation plant performance and limitations during transient scenarios

Vapor Cycle

Capable of designing vapor cycle systems for heating, cooling, & waste-heat recovery

Vehicle Dynamics

Developed for full vehicle and vehicle sub-system analysis

What customers are saying about Modelon Libraries

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Modelon’s libraries contain many more components than competing libraries. These components are meaningfully different, and allow for modeling at different levels of abstraction, making them the best libraries we could find on the market”

Kruno Hrvatinić

Head of Control and Simulation at Rimac Technology.

The largest benefit of building the model with a dependable library of components was being able to help our engineers think. Our team could more clearly see how a system architecture was laid out and where changes would need to be made.

Peter Gotenstam

Manager of Vehicle SystemsConcept Design, Modeling, and Simulation, Saab Aeronautics.

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