Electric Power Library

The Modelica Electric Power Library is ideal for efficient modeling, simulation and analysis of electric power systems, including AC three-phase (abc, dq0, dq) and one-phase AC and DC systems. The models can be used in both steady-state and transient mode for simulation and initialization.

The library’s components provide standardized interfaces to thermal and mechanical domains, and are easy to combine with other libraries to represent electric power and actuation. Application domains include power stations and rail vehicles.


  • Provides multi-domain capabilities — power electronics, mechanics and thermal dynamics can be captured in the same tool, saving time and simplifying modeling
  • Transient and steady-state (electrical part only) simulations reflect real-world scenarios
  • Easily integrated into any application domain
  • Well-suited for control design applications where it is valuable to simulate behavior early in the design process.


Smart Grids

Dymola and Modelica libraries enable better design, greater performance and significant cost savings for meeting smart grid challenges.

Wind Powerplant – Power Grid Interaction

The multi-domain capabilities of Dymola enable users to capture all relevant physics in wind-power systems. The flexibility of Modelica allows for rapid innovation, design and testing of systems ranging from rotor mechanics to power grid.

Model-based reconstruction of events behind an earth electric fail

A research paper from the 10th International Modelica conference investigates the system dynamics in the Lønnestad radial when it is brought into islanded operation.


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