Fuel System Library

Fuel System Library is a Modelica library targeting the design and verification of fuel systems on civil and military aircraft. The library is designed to analyze and verify the system behavior during various dynamic operating modes and flight conditions.

Aircraft are characterized by large variations in acceleration and orientation. The Fuel System Library provides simulation results accounting for these effects on fuel-air mixtures and includes full support of bidirectional flow.

Fuel System Library has been developed internally at Modelon for a number of years together with a European airframer; starting with version 3.1, it is now publicly available. Modelon is therefore now able to offer a package hardened through industrial program deployment.

The models have been designed to be numerically robust and can handle large-scale complex systems. Component models include ejectors, pumps, tanks, valves and pipes.

modelon fuel system library fill tank graphic

Fuel system design. Verifying the system behavior of a tank system when it is filled up with fuel during a specific operating condition.


  • Flexible composition of user-defined system architectures for efficient model management
  • Geometric models with arbitrary gravity and acceleration for accurate predictions throughout the entire flight envelope
  • Real-time capable high performance models enabling Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL)
  • Full support for bidirectional flow for coverage of all operation conditions
  • Efficient representation of air-fuel mixture properties enabling robust and fast simulation of large systems
  • Configurable model fidelity, such as switching on or off the thermal effects, for faster simulation and right complexity.


The Fuel System Library has successfully been deployed in industry to verify system and control design to ensure robust fuel systems that deliver maneuverability in critical situations.
Application Includes:

  • Fuel system design
  • Control system verification
  • Verification of critical components – is the fuel system robust enough to ensure that fuel can be provided to the engine during various flight conditions, maneuvers or during an equipment fault case.
  • Life cycle analysis of pressure and thermal effects on pipes and equipment


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