Energy System Simulation Solutions

Modelon’s cloud-native platform, Modelon Impact, enables accurate physical modeling and simulation for energy systems and sub-systems.


Design, simulate, and produce better energy systems from a single platform

Meet Modelon Impact – a cloud platform for designing, simulating, and analyzing physical systems. Our leading energy simulation experts have equipped Modelon Impact with everything your team needs to perform accurate and actionable physical modeling and simulation for a wide range of energy applications.

  • Commercially validated multi-physics component libraries
  • Multi-domain physical modeling and simulation
  • Model deployment for control design
  • Accessible workflows for common energy applications
  • Digital twin development for predictive maintenance and optimal operations

Get the most out of system simulation with Modelon Impact

System simulation elevates engineering teams to new levels of productivity and innovation. Be at the forefront of designing cutting-edge energy systems with Modelon Impact.

Faster Time to Market

Make better decisions about energy system architectures with quick and accurate simulation results.

Renewable Energy Integration

Simulate power plant performance integrated with renewable energy sources and customizable performance parameters.

Technology Modernization

Build virtual copies of existing energy systems to retrofit your technology with the latest components and methods.

Increased Internal Collaboration

Seamlessly work with internal and external teams on the cloud to streamline the engineering design process.

Energy System Simulation Applications

The abstraction level of our first-principle-based physical allows us to accurately calculate & predict the transient and steady-state process behavior in on- and off-design conditions. Ranging from finding the best geometry of a heat exchanger to be integrated into a power plant for maximum efficiency or identifying the optimal size and operation schedule for a battery storage in an integrated energy system considering operational and capital expense.  

The proven accuracy of our validated component models allows to support development processes from an early stage, even before prototypes and measurement data are available, setting our solutions apart from purely data-based approaches.   

Renewable Energy Integration

Hydropower, Solar, Fuel Cell, Wind Power, Inverter, and Control Design

Power Plant Design

Carbon Capture, Flexibility Analysis, Fatigue Life Assessment, Control, and Plant Design

Electric Grid

Microgrid Design, Energy Management, Transmission & Distribution, Transient and Fault Analysis

District Energy

Cogeneration Plant, Heating & Cooling Networks, Distributed Production, Heat Pumps, and Chillers

Clean Energy Storage

Thermal and Electric Storage, Hydrogen Production and Storage, Integrated Energy Systems

Malta Inc. chooses Modelon for the simulation of stored energy systems.

Hear from Mert Gevechi, Principal Controls Engineer at Malta Inc. on how Modelon helps Malta supply power grids with electricity from renewable energy storage systems.

What customers are saying about Modelon

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Choosing Modelon Impact as our platform for dynamic system simulation was an important strategic decision.  We are developing critical sustainable state-of-the-art energy systems to meet growing global demand and decarbonization targets. Modelon’s established authority and credibility in energy systems modeling and their pace for developing a cloud-based platform [Modelon Impact] aligned with our roadmap and mission – to bring advanced thermal energy and storage systems to a global market with speed and assurance. The self-critical and agile continuous improvement mindset of the Modelon team matches with MAN ES’ approach in novel system solutions development. We trust that Modelon and Modelon Impact will help us change the world of power production for a more sustainable future.

Emmanuel Jacquemoud

Technical Project Lead ETES,  MAN Energy Solutions 

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