This blog overviews library updates relevant to the energy and HVAC-R industries. Full release notes can be accessed in the help center.

The updated libraries are available today for use in Modelon Impact and other Modelica-supported platforms.

Modelon’s experts understand the unique challenges faced by design and system engineers in the HVAC-R and energy industries. The latest library content demonstrates our continued commitment to empowering users in modeling cutting-edge HVAC-R equipment and energy systems using validated components.

Expanded Heat Exchanger Model Options

Modelon has added two new heat exchanger models commonly used in refrigeration:

  • Skin condenser heat exchanger
  • Wire on Tube (Sawtooth) heat exchanger

Skin condenser heat exchangers offer advantages in compactness, enhanced heat transfer, reduced refrigerant charge, improved heat rejection, corrosion resistance, and lower air-side pressure drop.
Wire on Tube heat exchanger (sawtooth) design is valuable for its high heat transfer efficiency, adaptability to variable conditions, improved heat transfer coefficients, durability, and ease of manufacture.

New Wire on Tube heat exchanger from the Vapor Cycle Library (view from inside Modelon Impact).

Enhanced Flexibility in Routing Configurations

The Heat Exchanger library now offers enhanced flexibility in routing configurations for fin-on-tube heat exchangers, one of the most common for residential heat pumps and air conditioning. New functionality, including partial stacking, templates for splits and joins, and skip tubes, gives users more control over their simulations. Additionally, air-side moisture condensation and Python scripts for calibration to experimental data offer greater accuracy and support more use cases inside Modelon Impact.

Industrial Data Format Support

Modelon Impact can now support an additional industrial data format to ensure compatibility and ease of use. Engineers can now utilize Python script to convert ASHRAE compressor test data to efficiency maps. A new compressor model capable of reading ASHRAE data directly has been introduced in the Vapor Cycle library, streamlining the modeling process.

Enhancements for Power Plant Simulation and Decarbonization

Power Plant Simulation is essential for facilities incorporating renewable and traditional fuel sources. System simulation software supports evidence-based decision-making, optimizing resource utilization, and driving innovation to mitigate climate change and achieve decarbonization goals.

The latest Modelon libraries release delivers key developments to the Thermal Power Library, ensuring a more efficient and user-friendly experience:

  • New rotating bed Direct Air Capturing (DAC) absorber model.
  • New two-phase/two-phase heat exchanger.
  • New sensors for steam quality and superheating.
New Rotating Bed Direct Air Capture model from the Thermal Power Library.

The new Modelon Library content represents another step forward in making system simulation accessible, empowering engineers to create more robust, efficient, and sustainable designs. 
Modelon invites you to explore the upgraded HVAC-R and energy libraries to experience updates that push system design and simulation forward.

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