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Exceed your goals, no matter how challenging. 

When you work with Modelon, it’s our goal to make sure you get the promised value out of our technology. But, sometimes, you need a little extra help to solve challenges unique to your organization. No matter where you are on your journey with system design and simulation, we’re here to help.  

Accelerated Adoption 

For customers using Modelon products and who need specialized help getting started. 

Sometimes, complex challenges require solutions that are outside the box. Modelon’s Accelerated Adoption services are customized to help you get started faster and extract even more value from our products.

Customized Workshops

Tell us about your challenges and our team of experts will curate and deliver on-site or virtual workshops.

Customized Training

Skill up your team by choosing from our extensive offering of instructor-led training courses. Training is delivered virtually or on-site.

Workflow Integration and Deployment

For customers looking to integrate Modelon technology into existing and future workflows.

You have unique use cases for system simulation technology. From pre-built workflows to customized web applications that communicate simulation results in your organization’s language, Modelon experts can customize our technology to fit your environment.

Custom Workflow Development

Are you bottlenecked by inefficient workflows? We can help streamline and automate workflows that delivers results faster . This includes customized interfaces, automated data input, and parallelized computations. With Modelon’s support, our customers have seen between 5x to 50x improvement in workflow speed.

Customized App Development

Would your team or external partners be more productive with easy-to-use predictive models at their fingertips? Modelon Impact based web-apps can make that happen with minimal input from users, and dashboards that support design decisions. Tell us what your specifications are, and we’ll build web-applications that can be deployed to any stakeholder in your organization.

Custom Component, Model and Library Development

Do you have a unique system modeling or component design challenge that requires additional expertise? Modelon has decades of experience building components, libraries, and models on the FMI and Modelica standards. Let us build what you need to create reliable and accurate system models.

Strategic Consulting Services

For customers who would like guidance throughout their modeling and simulation journey

Are you wondering if you’re working with the right model fidelities? Do you have the right combination of virtual and physical development? What about the type and amount of data you need from suppliers and partners? Modelon can set up a strategy that builds confidence in your model-based assets and processes,and that reduces development costs and time-to-market.

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