Modelon is thrilled to announce Energy Systems Optimization as a new solution. Energy Systems Optimization is designed to help system engineers in the energy sector make better decisions about their facilities’ longevity and economic impact. The solution combines Modelon’s flagship system simulation platform, Modelon Impact, with one-on-one guidance from its team of energy industry experts. 

The Need for Energy Systems Optimization

Energy system engineers and researchers face heightened stakes in their decision-making processes. The increasing volatility in the supply and demand of energy sources introduces unpredictability in both market trends and technological advancements, complicating cost predictions. Engineering processes such as component sizing, operation of energy storage systems, and fuel source selection are essential to optimize as they can significantly impact the overall cost of running a facility. For these reasons, the case can be that engineers would enormously benefit from dynamic optimization functionalities coupled with system simulation technology.  

The Solution

Modelon’s Energy Systems Optimization solution comprises two major components: technology and expert guidance. The first component, technology, refers to Modelon’s flagship system simulation platform, Modelon Impact. We have now equipped Modelon Impact with the Energy Systems Library, which includes system and component models for hydrogen, electricity, and thermal energy production facilities. Users can build models for system sizing and operations and perform techno-economic optimizations of energy systems over defined time horizons.  

Operating cost analysis of an energy system with and without storage.

The second component of Energy Systems Optimization is expert guidance provided by Modelon. Modelon’s industry experts have decades of experience collaborating with industrial firms on highly successful energy systems modeling and simulation projects. With a background in techno-economic system analysis, they possess a nuanced understanding of the intricate dynamics within the industry. Continuously informed of the latest technologies and regulatory frameworks pertinent to customers, these experts excel at navigating the evolving landscape. Their support extends to understanding the unique challenges faced by customers, guiding them through the modeling and simulation process within Modelon Impact, and swiftly addressing roadblocks in the engineering journey. By leveraging their expertise, customers can expedite their progress, ensuring that customers meet their objectives successfully.    

The pressure to prepare our energy infrastructure for the future has never been greater. We’ve been working on this solution for the past couple of years. I feel confident that what we have today will help energy system engineers and planners make the right decisions now so that they’re better off in a future with tighter economic and environmental constraints than we have currently

Moritz Hübel, Industry Director of Energy & Process, Modelon


How Honda Motor Company Collaborated With Modelon

Principal Engineer Koji Moriyama of Honda Motor Company and his team sought efficient technology amidst numerous options to transition production plants towards carbon neutrality. Leveraging system simulation and optimization, they selected Modelon and its system simulation platform, Modelon Impact, for the ability to represent the assembly plant accurately, consider carbon reduction options, and optimize for the lowest total cost of ownership. The solution incorporated various constraints like peak shaving and space for photovoltaics, enabling Honda to make informed decisions efficiently. Alongside Modelon, Honda successfully simulated scenarios, prioritized changes, and strategized for carbon reduction while optimizing costs, marking the project successful. Read the full case study here.

Get Started with Energy Systems Optimization

With Modelon Impact and Modelon’s industry experts combined, Energy Systems Optimization offers an end-to-end solution that effectively enables customers to evaluate their plants’ performance and cost in what-if scenarios to make informed decisions that directly impact the bottom line. As Modelon Impact returns optimization and simulation results, Modelon’s experts prevent customers from veering off course in their analysis journey. This solution also aims to support engineers in the early design stages of their plants by enabling detailed technical system design, control design, and component analysis.  

We recommend scheduling a conversation with our team to see how Energy Systems Optimization can work for you, as each organization’s scenario is different. To reach our team, please fill out our contact form.