Electrification Library

Modelon’s Electrification Library is a multi-physics Modelica library for the design, analysis, verification and control of electrified systems. The library is suitable for a wide variety of electrification applications including ground vehicles, aircraft, personal mobility, auxiliary power electric storage systems, and other complex engineered systems. 

The library includes re-usable component models of batteries, machines, converters, loads and routing. The models are based on common interfaces and are highly extensible and customizable to allow the inclusion of application-specific details. 

The library provides a common model architecture, supporting a wide range of use cases within the same framework. It is based on a unique approach for scaling the model fidelity to each use case, making it possible to adapt the level of detail of the electrical, mechanical, thermal and controller dynamics. Battery models can be scaled from a single cell to battery pack systems, covering time scales from fast electrical, to slow thermal, and even aging dynamics. 

The library is built for configuration management, supporting workflows for model re-use, handling large sets of component variants, and system configurations. 

The library has been developed and applied at Modelon for several years and hardened through the collaboration with industrial partners. The library is available as an off-the-shelf commercial library. 


  • A common architecture for a wide range of applications 
  • A unique modular approach to scaling fidelity to simulation purpose 
  • Multi-physics modeling of electrical, mechanical, thermal and controller dynamics 
  • Built for model re-use and configuration management 
  • Easily extensible and customizable 
  • Standard interfaces to support integration with third-party models 
  • Support for thermal dynamics in every component 
  • Integrated support for controller (software) models 


The Electrification Library has been developed as a coordinated solution for all stages of systems modeling. 

Applications include:

  • System design validation 
  • Performance and component limits 
  • Energy efficiency and vehicle range 
  • Thermal management 
  • Component usage and sizing 
  • Software functions verification (MIL/SIL/HIL) 
  • Transient events, e.g. start-up or failure conditions 

Rimac's Journey Towards Full Vehicle Simulation

Rimac, a Croatian automotive technology powerhouse, needed a more efficient and flexible way to evaluate multi-physics powertrain systems. In this new case study, learn how Rimac used the Modelon Electrification Library to meet their electric powertrain, battery modeling, and full vehicle system simulation needs.

“Modelon’s libraries contain many more components than competing libraries. These components are meaningfully different, and allow for modeling at different levels of abstraction, making them the best libraries we could find on the market.”
– Kruno Hrvatinić,
Head of Control and Simulation at Rimac


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