Automotive Engineering System Simulation Solutions

Modelon’s cloud-native platform, Modelon Impact, enables accurate physical modeling and simulation for vehicle systems and sub-systems.

Design, simulate, and produce better vehicles from a single software platform

Meet Modelon Impact – a cloud platform for designing, simulating, and analyzing physical systems. Our leading automotive simulation experts have equipped Modelon Impact with everything your team needs to perform accurate and actionable physical modeling and simulation of a wide range of vehicle types.

  • Commercially validated multi-physics component libraries
  • Multi-domain physical modeling and simulation
  • Model deployment for control design and driver testing
  • Accessible workflows for common automotive applications

Get the most out of system simulation software with Modelon Impact

System simulation elevates engineering teams to new levels of productivity and innovation. Be at the forefront of designing cutting-edge vehicles with Modelon Impact.

Faster Time to Market

Make better decisions about vehicle system architectures with quick and accurate simulation results.

Sustainable Energy Integration

Simulate and optimize vehicle performance for hydrogen powered, solar powered, hybrid, and electric vehicles with customizable performance parameters

Technology Modernization

Build virtual copies of existing vehicle systems to retrofit your technology with the latest components and methods.

Increased Internal Collaboration

Seamlessly work with internal and external teams on the cloud to streamline the engineering design process.

System Simulation Applications for Automotive Engineering

Multi-body Mechanics

Drivetrain, Transmission, Shift Performance, Chassis


Air Path Management, Engine Controls, After Treatment, Start-Stop, Downsizing

Thermal Management

Battery and Powertrain Cooling, Air Conditioning, Hybrid System Cooling

Chassis Design

Motorsports, Handling, Drivability, Active Safety

Driveline Performance

Torque control, Vibration

Fuel Cell System Modeling

PEMCF Systems, Reformation, Reactor, Temperature Control, Hydrogen Tanks

Vehicle Electrification

Hybrid Powertrain, Battery Management

What customers are saying about Modelon

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What separates Modelon Impact’s validated models from the other providers is that they are physical system models. The other platforms we evaluated did not offer ready-to-go content that specialized in physical systems. Even more, we know that Modelon Impact’s models are validated on a commercial scale which helps yield results that we can trust.

Sapfo Tsoutsou

Thermal Engineer, Lightyear

Modelon’s libraries are giving us more confidence in our early system designs and enable us to build and run simulations more quickly than ever before. Where we used to apply manual steady-state analysis, we can now run a full simulation and get much more insight, opening new possibilities for Rimac.

Kruno Hrvatinić

Head of Control and Simulation at Rimac Technology

Helping you succeed beyond the platform

You’ve got ambitious projects that need the right expertise. We’ve got the experience to steer you in the right direction. From our world-class modeling experts to instructor-led and self-guided training, we’re here to guide you to success.

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Always at hand to help our customers be at their most productive.

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Deep industry knowledge and specialization to help with the most niche applications.

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