Energy Systems Library

Energy Systems Library (ESL) is a Modelica-based library designed to plan and optimize industrial to utility-scale energy systems (electricity/heat/hydrogen).  

The variety of pre-configured models, detailed customization capabilities, and an interface to set boundary conditions enable holistic system analyses for energy system engineers working on decarbonization and green energy.

ESL allows users to perform techno-economic optimizations, including the production, storage, and consumption (purchase and sale) of electricity, heat, water, CO2, hydrogen, and other fuels.

Figure 1: Hybrid energy system delivering electricity and hydrogen with PV power as main energy source. Optimal sizing of the PV panels and storages (battery and hydrogen tank) was performed, finding the best trade-off of CapEx vs. OpEx.


  • Accurate capital and operational expense calculations based on defined boundary conditions (e.g., reference costs, weather data, market price curves)
  • Simplified long-term investment planning for enhancing existing systems or planning green-field projects (including total cost of ownership and amortization)
  • Faster setup of optimization problems via a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface
  • Combine production and investment planning by optimizing component size and control strategy simultaneously
  • Meet technical and governmental constraints like max CO2 budget and min H2 fuel share
  • Calculate the load duration curve under expected market conditions
  • Mitigate investment risk by comparing future market scenarios via Modelon Impact’s Excel interface


The Energy Systems Library is valuable for teams integrating new assets into existing energy systems or planning new energy projects. Spanning hydrogen, electrical, and thermal power disciplines, ESL enables teams working towards a decarbonized future.

Core applications include:

  • Plan energy production for new industrial sites, including various consumers and storage
  • Decarbonize existing industrial sites by integrating new assets to reduce fossil fuel usage and CO2 emissions
  • Optimize investment in multiple energy technologies
  • Understand the operational constraints of integrated systems
  • Use of waste heat and energy storage technologies in a fully integrated hybrid energy system

The Energy Systems Library is Available in Modelon Impact

Modelon’s Energy Systems Library is seamlessly integrated and accessible in Modelon Impact. Users are able to access Modelon’s world-class comprehensive library of predefined energy system components, related to design, control, and optimization.

Energy Systems Library is exclusively available through Modelon Impact Base and Modelon Impact Pro licenses.

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