This blog overviews library updates relevant to the aerospace industry. Full release notes can be accessed in the help center.

The updated libraries are available today for use in Modelon Impact and other Modelica-supported platforms.

Enhanced Hydrogen Storage Tank Architectures

The aviation industry is pursuing a transformative shift toward zero emissions, investing significantly in hydrogen-powered aircraft. Modelon’s latest library content enhances users’ ability to develop and analyze propulsion architectures for hydrogen tank designs and connected systems. 

This release enhances existing models to accommodate horizontal tank configurations and additional propulsion architectures that leverage onboard hydrogen storage and fuel cells. For dynamic simulations, the updated libraries offer detailed fill, drain, and storage simulations for more orientations of the hydrogen storage tank, with new replaceable end cap geometries. 
Additionally, users benefit from steady-state tank sizing and multiple literature convection models are also available to predict heat transfer precisely, leading to more accurate simulations.

New More Electric Aircraft Models

Modelon’s Electrification and Environmental Controls Library received significant upgrades for engineers developing more electric aircraft. More Electric Aircraft subsystems are safeguarded by more redundancies because the systems often use a combination of electric, shaft, and/or bleed air power. 
The updated Electrification Library includes: 

  • A new sizing workflow (dimensions and mass), with examples for electric machines, battery packs, and cables 
  • Simplified electrical connectors that do not require specifying a ground 
  • New application examples, including a photo-voltaic array and a linear actuator 
  • A more scalable machine loss model (equation-based) 

Updates to the Environmental Control Library include: 

  • Air cycle machines and heat exchangers with mass estimation 
  • Compact heat exchanger sizing 
  • Wing ice protection 
A simulated air cycle system with a View showing estimated component weights (in kilograms).

Fuel Tank Pre-Processing App

The new Modelon library release also introduces a new tank pre-processing app in the Fuel System Library.  CAD geometry files can be imported into Modelon Impact and the app generates data to simplify tank parameterization and improve simulation performance. 

Tank geometry preview shown in the Fuel System Library’s Tank Pre-Processing App after importing a CAD file.

Efficient Computation of Systems with Gas Turbines

The Jet Propulsion Library now delivers more accurate efficiency computations for systems relying on gas turbines. Computational improvement applies to both compressor and turbine models. System designers will know the exact environmental impact of their final design. This update demonstrates Modelon’s mission of delivering accurate simulations that lead to better design decisions

With enhanced features for teams developing hydrogen-powered, hybrid electric, and more electric aircraft, engineers can continue the journey toward green aviation. 
Modelon’s new library release represents another step in making system simulation accessible. Modelon invites you to explore the upgraded libraries, and experience features that push system design and simulation forward.

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