carbon neutrality and modelon

Driving Towards Carbon Neutrality With System Simulation

In this case study, learn how Honda Honda uses Modelon Impact to design and evaluate a carbon neutral assembly plant with confidence.
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Trends in Energy Technologies for 2023

This blog describes the trends and observations of innovative energy technologies in 2023 and beyond. With over 20 years of experience in model-based engineering, Modelon’s Energy and Process Industry Director, Stéphane Velut, shares his views on energy technologies trends, observations & insights – with a focus on what he is seeing in the industry and how simulation software is enabling world-leading organizations to get ahead. 
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physical system simulation - blog 1

What is Physical System Simulation?

Physical system simulation is an elusive concept –yet on your journey to virtualize the product design process, there is no way around it. In the first blog of the Success with Simulationseries,PieterDermont, Modelon’s Senior Business Development Director, covers what physical system simulation is, what it is not(hint, it is not“systems engineering”), and what it can do for your organization.
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Steady State and Dynamic Simulation: What is the difference?

In this blog post, Modelon’s senior simulation engineer, Clément Coïc, summarizes the difference between steady-state and dynamic simulation.
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Modernizing Modeling at Collins Aerospace

Gregory Leaper, Senior Manager of the Aero-Thermal Fluids group at Collins Aerospace, decided to upgrade his team’s models and workflows to Modelica after years of using Fortran. Listen as Greg talks about his experience in working with Modelon to transition his team and models to a modern modeling language.
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