Since the release of Modelon Impact, our cloud-native system simulation platform, we’ve made constant enhancements to user productivity and experience. With this 2022.1 release, system simulation just got a lot more powerful. We’ve now released the Modelon Help Center, workspace configuration management, and quick-start example models. Here’s what those, and some more notable updates, mean for our current and future Modelon Impact users.

Already a customer and looking for details of the Modelon 2022.1 release? Access them on the newly launched Modelon Help Center

Modelon Impact for On-Premise

Easier access? Check. Increased collaboration? Check. Greater Productivity? Check. With Modelon Impact for On-Premise, users can leverage all the powerful features available on the Desktop version and more.

Model Repository Sharing

Increase collaboration with version-controlled repositories. Create, share, and access models in repositories that can be shared within your team.

Configurable Workspaces

Work with the tools you need by configuring your personal workspaces. Drag and drop Modelon’s Modelica-based libraries for faster access to necessary components.

Configuring Libraries

Quick-Start Industry Examples 

Don’t know where to start with modeling your systems? Introducing Industry Examples, designed thoughtfully by Modelon’s industry experts. Test and copy commonly used system models from the energy, automotive, and aerospace industries into your workspace for further customization.

Quick Start Industry Examples

Better Diagnostics

We’ve made noticeable enhancements to Modelon Impact’s modeling and simulation diagnostics. View simulation and compilation logs while simultaneously inspecting or editing a model.

Integrate Log Viewer

Error messages within Modelon Impact have also been upgraded to help users resolve errors faster. In the case of compilation failure, error messages will now pinpoint the source of error and link to the location in your model code.

Compilation failed for workspace example
Figure 1: Error message to pinpoint the source of error

Modelon Help Center Now Available Online

From getting started to how-to guides and step-by-step tutorials, access comprehensive support resources through the Modelon Help Center. This is now the central resource for anyone to receive self-service help and find answers to their most frequently asked questions.

The Modelon Help Center will also house all detailed release notes. Check out the full details of the Modelon 2022.1 Release on the Modelon Help Center.

For one-to-one support, contact us at

Connect Projects from SVN and GIT

If you’re used to working on SVN and Git, we’ve got good news! Modelon Impact now allows easy integration with SVN and Git so users can utilize version-controlled Modelica models and libraries in their workspace. Easily track changes, fetch updates, and coordinate work with team members using Modelica-based technology.

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