Hydrogen Power: Integrating clean fuel to support a clean future

July 22, 2020

Replacing fossil fuels with hydrogen can be a significant step in reducing CO2 emissions and mitigating climate change. This blog demonstrates how teams, using Modelon Impact, can easily create a full plant model to address technical challenges and evaluate efficient operation.


Integrated CO2 Absorption Process in a Coal-Fired Power Plant

January 3, 2018

It’s no secret that global governments are implementing greenhouse gas policies aimed at reducing CO2 emissions. These policies have a direct impact on the  power generation sector as carbon capture and storage technologies are essentially the only option available for fossil-based power generation to drastically reduce their CO2 emissions. So, how will they do it? […]


Integrating Thermal Management Systems for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

November 8, 2017

Electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles are intensively being developed by the automotive industry to replace conventional vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. These vehicles specifically require a tighter integration of the thermal management system with the cabin air conditioning. Why are expectations on the cooling system so high for electric vehicles? The Li-ion batteries […]