Introducing Energy Systems Optimization – A New Modelon Solution  

April 22, 2024

Modelon is thrilled to announce Energy Systems Optimization as a new solution. Energy Systems Optimization is designed to help system engineers in the energy sector make better decisions about their facilities’ longevity and economic impact. The solution combines Modelon’s flagship system simulation platform, Modelon Impact, with one-on-one guidance from its team of energy industry experts.  […]


Hydrogen Combustion vs. Hydrogen Fuel Cell: Weighing the Options 

April 17, 2024

Aviation is vital to how the modern world works. As such, it’s no surprise that aviation’s carbon footprint has grown faster in recent decades than rail, road, or shipping. For example, in 2019, domestic and international aviation accounted for around 8 percent of the UK’s CO2 equivalent emissions. According to Britain’s Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI), […]