“Modelon’s libraries are giving us more confidence in our early system designs and enable us to build and run simulations more quickly than ever before. Where we used to apply manual steady-state analysis, we can now run a full simulation and get much more insight, opening new possibilities for Rimac.”

– Kruno Hrvatinić, Head of Control and Simulation at Rimac Technology


Rimac is a Croatia-based technology powerhouse that manufactures electric hyper-cars and provides full technology solutions to global automotive manufacturers. Rimac specializes in high-voltage battery technology, electric powertrains, development of digital interfaces, and ADAS systems. To keep up with growing demand, Rimac needed a quicker and cost-effective way to perform powertrain component design loops without building physical prototypes. Rimac began their search for full vehicle simulation tools that would allow them to make rapid model-based iterations and determine which components and configurations would be most suitable for each customer. Rimac’s ideal solution would have the ability to model with reusable, scalable components for applications of differing levels of complexity. Additionally, Rimac’s ideal solution needed to adapt easily to their existing toolset and current workflows.