Advancing Your Vehicle’s Energy Efficient Design

May 9, 2018

Vehicle manufacturers have long been working to design and develop vehicles that tout superior fuel economy but are now beginning to shift their perspective to advancing electric vehicles to obtain an increase in overall vehicle energy efficiency.


Designing and developing advanced aircraft escape systems for fighter pilots

January 16, 2018

Fighter pilots often face critical and life-threatening situations that require a military aircraft manufacturer to design and expertly craft escape systems – ensuring safety opportunities exist in case of emergency evacuation. In a previous project, Modelon worked with a military aircraft manufacturer on escape systems, specifically the pilot ejector seat, that would propel a pilot’s […]


Extracting Library Statistics using OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit API

December 12, 2017

Have you ever wondered how many components, functions and models are in your library? Modelon’s OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit has the capability to enable users to retrieve any essential information using the compiler API. This blog introduces the OPTIMICA API – along with its purpose, functionality, and highlights how it can be used to compute library […]


Integrating Thermal Management Systems for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

November 8, 2017

Electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles are intensively being developed by the automotive industry to replace conventional vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. These vehicles specifically require a tighter integration of the thermal management system with the cabin air conditioning. Why are expectations on the cooling system so high for electric vehicles? The Li-ion batteries […]


Model-Based Systems Engineering for Aircraft Engines

June 27, 2017

Modelon’s Jet Propulsion Library provides the foundation for modeling and simulating jet engines along with the integrated model-based systems engineering of aircraft systems. Why start optimizing The prime mover of an aircraft, the jet engine, is one of the most important subsystems of an aircraft. Jet engines provide primary power (thrust) and secondary power (to […]