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What is Modelica? Modelica is a non-proprietary, object-oriented, multi-domain modeling language for component-oriented modeling of complex systems. Using mathematical models, users can represent physical systems, including; mechanical, electrical, electronic, hydraulic, thermal, control, chemical process, and electric power subcomponents. Modelica’s language open-source structure provides a syntax that empowers users customize models and components.

The value of the Modelica language is that users are enabled to effectively design and operate their technical systems within any Modelica-compliant tool.

Modelon is committed to delivering on the promise of Modelica’s open-standard technologies – offering Modelica-based libraries that have been developed in close cooperation with leading enterprises to reflect industry needs and trends. Modelon will continue to prove and provide excellence in solutions for simulation-based systems design needed to serve any client.


The benefit of switching to Modelica is efficiency! In many modeling languages users must describe the same object in 4 or 5 different ways to get through all stages of product design. With Modelica you need only one single description. That gain in efficiency lowers the threshold of entry to introduce or improve any model-based design process, existing or newly designed.

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  • Modelon offers expert led training courses. Attend a Modelica course!
  • Interested in the nitty-gritty? Visit the modelica.org website for more information on the language.

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