Modelon at ThermoSim

Modelon will attend and exhibit at ThermoSim 2022 taking place on October 4th – 5th in Braunschweig, Germany.

In the simulation of thermal systems, equation-based modeling with Modelica has an outstanding position and it is impossible to imagine this area of ​​application without it. FMI-based methods for the exchange of dynamic simulation models are also becoming increasingly important. ThermoSim 2022 is the second Modelica and FMI Users’ Meeting in Braunschweig, which deals exclusively with this important area of ​​application. This event includes the most important developers from industry and science and learnings about the current state of the art.

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Presentation Information:

Modelon will present at the ThermoSim 2022.

  • Design and System Integration of Industrial Heat Pumps With Modelon Impact
    Presented by: Moritz Hubel, Industry Team Lead, Energy

    • Presentation Abstract: Reducing fossil energy consumption, both to drive decarbonization and independence from energy imports, is a key challenge for engineers. The heat supply is one of the main drivers of energy consumption: the peak load in winter in Northern Europe exceeds the electrical demand by about three times. However, available sources of sustainable energy are solar and wind energy. Both produce fluctuating electrical energy due to the weather, which often does not correspond to the load requirement. In times of high wind and solar energy production, increasingly cost-effective electricity with a low CO₂ footprint will be available. Heat pumps can easily achieve coefficients of performance (COP) of about 3 to 5 and thus efficiently shift energy into the heating sector. However, due to the complexity of large industrial heat pumps, there are still challenges in the development and system integration of new systems.  Modelon’s cloud-based simulation platform, Modelon Impact, enables solutions for dynamic simulations as well as optimization and stationary dimensioning. Specifically for industrial-scale heat pumps, Modelon offers sophisticated component model libraries that have been developed for decades for both conventional power plant systems and heat pump systems within the Thermal Power Library. The use case shows the development steps using the example of the Siemens SHP-C600 heat pump with a variety of geometry parameters, control technology, and working media as well as the model-based integration study of the plant into a municipal district heating system.