Modelon at the Distributed Energy Show

Modelon will exhibit (stand 8029) and present at The Distributed Energy Show taking place on March 14th-15th in Telford, UK.

The Distributed Energy Show is a free-to-attend exhibition and conference with an estimated 120+ companies exhibiting and an expected 2,500 buyers, engineers, facility managers, and executives attending. The Distributed Energy Show brings together the entire supply chain focused on distributed energy resources. It will showcase a comprehensive array of technologies and systems to enable organizations to generate, store, manage and distribute power and heat. Technologies on display at the event include:

  • Solar systems
  • Gas turbines
  • Wind turbines
  • Combined heat & power
  • Energy storage systems
  • Small hydro
  • Fuel cells
  • Smart energy systems and platforms
  • Virtual power plant systems
  • Cabling
  • Converters
  • Power Electronics

Stop by our stand – 8029,  to learn how we can help you design cleaner and more sustainable energy systems using system simulation.

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Presentation Information:

Modelon will present at The Distributed Energy Show.

  • Presentation title: How Can Microgrids Unlock Your Energy Flexibility Potential?
    Presented by: Mortiz Hubel, Industry Director, Energy
  • Presentation Abstract: It has been widely accepted that this decade is the most important in history to decarbonize our industries. Yet, grid outages are causing many businesses to feel concerned for their energy security, especially when using renewables. However, Microgrids have emerged as a unique solution to this problem, allowing users to self-contain their electrical network on-site while integrating multiple different renewables with energy storage to mitigate concerns of outages. Microgrids simply allow companies to harness pure, green, energy flexibility at a time when balancing the grid is of the utmost importance. This session will convey the numerous benefits of microgrid technology while exploring the future of this technology and whether it is right for your business.
    • Discussion Topics:
      • Understanding microgrids and how they could benefit your business.
      • Is a microgrid right for you?
      • What is the future of microgrid technology?