On-site Seminar Series – Tokyo, Japan

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In this in-person seminar series organized by Modelon K.K, Dr. Yutaka Hirano will provide step-by-step explanations and hands-on practice using Modelica fundamentals and application methods, details of the Modelica grammar, an overview of Modelica processing systems, and examples of Modelica applications to model-based development and system design.

Based on the first principles of physical phenomena, these seminars will cover modeling, analysis, and post-processing in an object-oriented manner for a total of six sessions (each session will last one day). Each course is designed to improve Modelica modeling skills and consists of three parts:

  • Classroom lecture
  • Demonstration
  • Hands-on practice

This course is intended for engineers and students related to physical modeling and model-based development. There are no specific course requirements, but basic knowledge of physics and programming is desirable. View the course schedule and agenda below.

Attendee Fee: 20,000 yen per session

  • Discounted rates will be applied to attendees who register for all six sessions at once (100,000 yen).
  • Discounted rates will be applied to university and graduate students (50,000 yen if paid in a lump sum).

Completion of Seminar Series – Issuance of Certificate: Modelon will issue a “Certificate of Completion of Modelica Training Course” after the seminar series.

Venue: Essam Kanda Building 1, 9th Floor, #901  MAP

What to Bring: Your PC

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