Modelon and 1DCAE

Modelon will exhibit and present at the 1DCAE MBD Symposium 2022, hosted by the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME).

This 3-day symposium, from December 7th to 9th, will be held in person and online. The 1DCAE MBD Symposium is an annual symposium, led by the Design Engineering and Systems Division of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, with the aim of contributing to the full-scale application of 1DCAE and MBD in the future through the dispatch of information, lectures, and information exchange.

Stop by our booth (left of the entrance)  to learn how we can help you design better products using system simulation.

The deadline to register is as follows:

  • The on-site participation: Monday, November 14
  • The online participation: Wednesday, November 30


Presentation Information:

Title: Techno-Economic Assessment of an Industrial Project Towards Carbon Neutrality

Presented by: Arne Köppen, Simulation Engineer, Modelon

Abstract: This paper describes the application of the system simulation platform Modelon Impact for the techno-economical assessment of energy projects toward carbon neutrality. The control co-design approach applied in work allows for the rapid evaluation of various technology options without the need for deriving complex control laws for the considered assets.

The approach is applied to an industrial use case where the goal is to identify the technology options that minimize the total cost of ownership while achieving carbon neutrality.