About Modelon 

Modelon is building a system modelling and simulation platform of the future, with the goal of creating a robust commercial platform available in the cloud. The solution calls for highly interactive user interface for system modelling, massively parallelized simulations, fast querying and post processing of large data sets, and visualization in 2D and 3D. Collaborative workflows preferred by modern engineers is a key capability of the platform.  The platform also needs to adhere to high standards for IT security to keep sensitive customer product data safe and for scalability to support a large user base.

Short description about the position 

This position is announced in Trichy, India within the Application, Integration and Deployment (AID) team at Modelon that has a wide range of responsibilities. You will work with a team that is headquartered in Sweden, but this position is based within the local team in Trichy. As a Software developer, you contribute to development primarily in C/C++ and Python. As we are transitioning to SaaS architecture new technologies will need to be introduced and learned on the way and so toolset will likely change over the years.

You will normally have one focused tool development activity alongside operational and support responsibility for a part of the deployed toolchain.

Role description 

You will develop, maintain, and operate software products and toolchains to support the organization and enabling fast development and integration of software products that are deployed both on desktop and in cloud environments.

 Key tasks include: 

  • Software modules development primarily in C/C++ and Python, but other languages, such as Java or TypeScript may also be used at times.
  • Perform troubleshooting and support both Modelon engineers and customers.
  • Drive continuous improvement of tools, infrastructure, and methodologies.


You are an experienced programmer and have high ambitions to produce high-value products and services to customers and internal users. You enjoy working in a team but can drive development of a feature or module end to end yourself if needed. You are able communicate clearly contributing to the open and collaborative environment at Modelon.

Required skills and experiences 

  • 3+ years of experience of developing, maintaining and operating complex software.
  • 3+ Experience from development modules in C/C++
  • Experience from development modules in Python
  • Software development in Linux and Windows
  • Experience in version control systems such as Subversion and Git and corresponding workflows
  • Spoken and written English

Desired skills, experiences, and interests 

  • Some experience from development in other languages, e.g., Java, TypeScript, HTML
  • Familiarity with Linux command line utilities and bash
  • Familiarity with Database technologies
  • Familiarity with Jupyter notebooks or similar technologies
  • Experience of Agile development in a team (Scrum and/or Kanban)
  • Comfortable with agile practices like pair programming and code reviews
  • Some experience from DevOps infrastructure
  • Experience from software quality improvement methodologies such as test-driven development, code review, system/integration testing.
  • Contributions to open-source communities
  • Experience with computer simulations
  • Experience in writing automated tests

Application and contact details 

We are handling applications as they come in, so apply as soon as possible. For more information or questions about this position, please contact managing director Anand Pitchaikanianand.pitchaikani@modelon.com.