Job Description

Modelon is building a system modelling and simulation platform of the future, with the goal of creating a robust commercial platform available in the cloud. The solution calls for highly interactive user interface for system modelling, massively parallelized simulations, fast querying and post processing of large data sets, and visualization in 2D and 3D. Collaborative workflows preferred by modern engineers is a key capability of the platform.  The platform also needs to adhere to high standards for IT security to keep sensitive customer product data safe and for scalability to support a large user base. In addition, flexible deployment to work with different cloud architectures as well as a robust and performant solution are important characteristics. As a developer you will interact frequently with other branches of Modelon, including IT for supporting operations, and Application Engineering to provide customer support. You will also be part a broader team with a wide range of areas that are required to build a capable modeling and simulation platform.

You are an experienced cloud developer with high ambition contribute to the success of a new product in a growing market of advanced industrial users.

Required skills and experience

5-10  years of experience with development and deployment of large-scale cloud solutions with relevant technologies, including:

  • Highly experienced with common cloud deployment technologies, including Kubernetes, Docker and Helm
  • Highly experienced with Python, including understanding in using Python libraries
  • Experienced with Linux development and shell scripting
  • Experience with web app back-end development, including web servers and REST APIs
  • Good communication skills, including English

Meritourious skills, experiences, and interest

The following skills and experiences are merits:

  • Parallel and distributed computing as well as cloud computing
  • Databases for time series data
  • Licensing and entitlement systems in the cloud
  • Deployment to common cloud infrastructures including AWS, Azure and Google
  • Jupyter notebooks


  • Experience with testable architecture and writing testable code
  • Experience in test automation tools and practices.
  • Experience of Agile development in a team
  • Comfortable with agile practices like pair programming and code reviews
  • Self-motivated and ambitious

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