Bringing Modelica & FMI expertise to innovation for process industrial IT and automation

Acknowledging its strategic role in Swedish innovation for process industrial IT and automation, Modelon has joined the group of sponsors of PiiA starting June 2015.

Process Industrial IT and Automation (PiiA) is a strategic innovation program funded by VINNOVA, together with the Swedish Energy Agency, Formas and industry.

The purpose of PiiA is to foster growth by strengthening the Swedish process industry while  suppliers are developing their capacity for innovation. This is achieved through collaboration between three key players: end users in the process industry, its suppliers, and academia.

This collaboration strengthens the Swedish competitiveness of enterprises, where cooperation is developed to attract future talent and lays a foundation for Sweden’s continued industrial future.

“Modelon supports PiiA and its ambition to strengthen Swedish process industry by promoting collaboration between key stake holders in the area, since we believe that Modelica and FMI-based solutions offer significant value to the end users in the area. We are excited to join the community and we look forward starting activities together with PiiA partners”, says Johan Åkesson, CTO Modelon.