Strategy enables flexible and broad adoption of Modelica based models.

Lund Sweden– October 19.  Modelon, the premier provider of Modelica solutions for Model Based Systems Design, is pleased to announce their Multi-Platform strategy for Modelica Libraries.  This strategy makes the industry leading Modelon Libraries available on a broad range of Modelica tools allowing users to select the Modelica solution architecture and compiler that best fits their needs.

The proven and feature rich family of Modelica Libraries enable users to quickly start comprehensive, reliable model based system level simulations. Modelon’s extensive FMI support further allows an easy integration of the Modelon Libraries with other FMI compliant tools or modules developed by users.  With the multi-platform approach, Modelon is advancing the open concepts of Modelica by giving access to Modelon’s powerful industry standard Libraries on the user-preferred Modelica Platform.

The Multi-Platform Strategy delivers on the promises of open standards model-based development:

  • Strengthening collaboration within the enterprise and extended enterprise by enabling sharing of simulation models between departments or between an OEM and a supplier across different platforms.
  • Long term protection of enterprise investments in model IP development and maintenance by relaxing dependencies on a particular platform

Modelon supports an expanding list of Modelica platforms which currently includes the following:

  • ANSYS – Simplorer
  • Dassault Systèmes – Dymola and 3DExperience DBM
  • Maplesoft – MapleSim
  • Modelon – OPTIMICA
  • Ricardo – IGNITE

“Model-Based Systems Design and Simulation is a key technology as products become more and more complex”, says Hubertus Tummescheit, CSO of Modelon.  “We are proud to announce an open strategy to support multiple Modelica platforms and thereby help enable broader access and usage of our industry standard Modelica Libraries. We are finally achieving the vision of smooth interoperability that I had in mind when I joined the Modelica initiative almost 20 years ago!”

Available Libraries from Modelon include the following:

  • Electric Power Library
  • Engine Dynamics Library
  • Environmental Control Library
  • Fuel Cell Library
  • Fuel Systems Library
  • Heat Exchanger Library
  • Hydraulics Library
  • Hydro Power Library
  • Liquid Cooling Library
  • Pneumatics Library
  • Thermal Power Library
  • Vapor Cycle Library
  • Vehicle Dynamics Library