Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Seminar

Modelon will attend and present at the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Seminar taking place on February 7-9th in Long Beach, California. The Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Seminar is the most established and dynamic hydrogen energy and fuel cell conference in the U.S., bringing together hundreds of international manufacturers, fuel providers, customers, policymakers, supply chain, integrators, academics, investors, media, and other key stakeholders – you and your organization need to be a part of it. The Seminar combines high-level plenary and keynote talks, technical poster and breakout sessions covering the top hydrogen and fuel cell applications and topic areas, a bustling Exhibit Hall, three networking receptions, and a half-day U.S. Department of Energy workshop.

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Presentation Information:

Modelon will present at the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Seminar.

  • Presentation title: Analytical Methods to Minimize Total Cost of Ownership for Hydrogen Energy Systems
    Presented by: Pieter Dermont, Senior Business Development Director

    • Presentation Abstract: This presentation presents a model-based design approach to assess the techno-economic feasibility of hydrogen energy systems projects. The approach is versatile and can be applied to solve for design and operation problems on various systems including assets like conventional power plants, renewable energy sources, energy storage systems, and hydrogen technologies. To avoid the need for deriving complex empirical control laws that can also lead to sub-optimal designs, a control co-design approach will be presented. The strategy is illustrated on a specific use case for a plant where the goal is to select technologies that minimize the total cost of ownership for carbon neutrality.