An online seminar, “Dymola/Modelica/FMI Seminar 2023″ organized by Neorium Technology will be held on Thursday, November 9 JST.

In the seminar, use cases for model-based development with 1DCAE and the latest information on Dymola will be presented.

Rui Gao, Managing Director at Modelon K.K. will give a presentation on “System Simulation Technology for Achieving Carbon Neutrality” from 15:45-16:30.

Presentation Title: System Simulation Technologies for Achieving Carbon Neutrality

Abstract:The realization of carbon neutrality requires the integrated use of “energy creation” technologies through the introduction of renewable energy, “energy conservation” technologies through the electrification of ships and aircraft, and “energy storage” technologies through microgrids and energy management. In diverse distributed power systems, individual devices and stand-alone systems alone are insufficient to achieve carbon neutrality, and it is important to view the energy supply and demand system as a whole. Simulation technology is playing an increasingly important role in configuration studies and dynamic analysis at the system planning stage, as well as in predicting the effects of EMS. On the other hand, at the system operation stage, digital twin utilizing simulation technology is expected to bring about new technological innovations. In this presentation, the energy system model of Modelica’s hybrid will be introduced, and then technical aspects and economic evaluation methods during the construction of a microgrid system will be explained. In addition, the expansion to digital twin with cloud simulation environment will be described.


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