Jonas Funkquist knows the value of connecting the dots.  In his case the dots are the various thermodynamic, mechanical and electrical systems involved in optimizing models and control systems for Vattenfall, a 33,000-employee Swedish power company.

Open standards such as Modelica are really good for knowledge transfer, says Funkquist. “You don’t have to start with blank pages.”  He thinks of Modelica libraries as “starting points to build upon…making things go smoother and faster.

Dymola connects different fields of engineering at Vattenfall.  It’s an excellent tool for combining all systems and components into one single model, giving it an advantage over MATLAB and other solutions, according to Funkquist.

Being able to combine different libraries gives Vattenfall flexibility for a range of applications.  The company also benefits from Modelon’s support for Dymola and Modelica libraries, which Funkquist characterizes as “perfect.”

This 3:41 interview is another in a series conducted by Modelon at the 10th International Modelica Conference in Lund, Sweden, in March 2014.