Jim Harper has over 20 years’ experience as a thermal systems engineer in a range of industries.  Jim is a Principle Technical Lead in the Gas Turbine Technology Division at EPRI. EPRI is the Electric Power Research Institute headquartered in the US but with a presence across the world.

EPRI’s mission is advancing safe, reliable, affordable, and clean energy for society through global collaboration, science and technology innovation, and applied research. Jim has extensive gas turbine design, control, testing and fleet experience.  He was a Combustion Technical Leader at General Electric where he was a system owner of Gas Turbine combustion system mechanical, thermal and control architectures.

In addition, Jim worked in the electric vehicle automotive industry where he was a senior thermal systems design lead responsible for all thermal systems design, validation and fleet support including battery, motor, power electronics and cabin thermal systems. He has authored over 10 patents in Gas Turbine Design and control as well as EV thermal system control architectures.