We’re pleased to announce that Siemens Simcenter Amesim will use Modelon’s OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit as its Modelica engine in the upcoming Simcenter Amesim 17 release.

OPTIMICA is the most advanced Modelica-based mathematical engine on the market, built from the ground up to natively support the Modelica and FMI open standards. It offers a powerful API, native open-standards compliance, and a broad range of solvers capable of transient, steady-state and dynamic optimization. OPTIMICA is the calculation engine behind a growing list of commercial system simulation platforms.

The partnership between Modelon and Siemens will allow Simcenter users to use develop, reuse and integrate Modelica libraries with Simcenter Amesim native libraries for dynamic multi-physics systems modeling. As a result, Simcenter Amesim 17 will fully support the Modelica standard, benefit from optimized code generated by OPTIMICA, and continue utilization of the Simcenter Amesim solver for simulation while remaining compatible with all Simcenter Amesim platform capabilities. Additionally, support of Modelon industrial libraries will come in future Simcenter releases.

“We’re thrilled to start this journey with Siemens, and to see the continued success of our Modelon Inside strategy, which allows integration of Modelon technology into third-party software platforms,” said Magnus Gäfvert, CEO at Modelon. “With OPTIMICA as the Modelica engine of Simcenter Amesim, we’re confident Simcenter Amesim users will experience more flexibility and an overall improvement in their design and simulation processes.”