Modelon is pleased to continue its partnership with ANSYS by offering new Modelon-powered capabilities in ANSYS® Twin Builder™. The Twin Builder Fluid Power Library, a bundle of Modelon’s industry-leading pneumatics and hydraulics libraries, is currently available through ANSYS sales channels. The Fluid Power Library conveniently allows users to integrate pneumatic and hydraulic capabilities within their system models for simulation.

All Modelon libraries available in Twin Builder are part of the Modelon Library Suite, a comprehensive set of modeling libraries built on the Modelica standard that delivers state-of-the-art system models for a wide range of industries including automotive, aerospace, industrial equipment, and energy and process. Modelon libraries are developed and updated in close cooperation with industry partners to reflect evolving industry needs.

ANSYS Twin Builder is the only product that offers a packaged approach for digital twins — enabling engineers to quickly build, validate and deploy these digital representations of physical products. The open solution integrates with any IIoT platform and contains runtime deployment capabilities for constant monitoring of every individualized asset used during operation. The combination of industrial asset connectivity with holistic system simulation, powered by ANSYS Twin Builder, empowers customers to perform diagnostics and troubleshooting, determine the ideal maintenance programs, optimize the performance of each asset and generate insightful data to improve the next generation of the products.