Modelon and Toyota Tsusho Systems have partnered to bring Modelon Impact to Japan’s engineering and technology industry.  

Lund, Sweden – Modelon today announced its partnership with Toyota Tsusho Systems (TTS) to distribute Modelon Impact, Modelon’s cloud-based system simulation and modeling platform, in Japan. This partnership leverages Toyota Tsusho Systems’ private cloud infrastructure, consulting services, and Modelon Impact’s cloud capabilities to provide enterprise-level productivity in system simulation for Japanese engineering and technology companies.

“At Modelon, we believe engineering teams should have better access to system simulation for design and decision-making. This means easier collaboration, accurate and insightful results, and high productivity. We’re pleased that Toyota Tsusho Systems shares this belief and is making system simulation more accessible in Japan. With their ability to offer secure cloud environments and their expertise in transitioning customers to cloud-based technology, I believe this partnership with Toyota Tsusho Systems will help Japan-based companies level up their engineering innovation.” says Magnus Gäfvert, CEO at Modelon.

Some of the challenges companies face in taking full advantage of system simulation are heightened barriers to entry. Often, it can be difficult to determine how to leverage system simulation efficiently to solve business challenges. Additionally, many system simulation tools on the market today are limited in collaboration capabilities and ways in which engineering teams can extract meaningful insights to share across their organization.

The partnership between Modelon and Toyota Tsusho Systems lowers the above barriers to entry and keeps the customer’s requirements, concerns, and need for innovation in mind. Modelon Impact’s browser-based interface, multiple cloud service offerings, increased security, and local language support, this partnership will help customers move forward to a cloud solution with confidence. The benefits of this partnership include:

  • The ability to leverage powerful system simulation coupled with the collaborative nature of cloud technology.
  • Access to simulation experts from both Modelon and Toyota Tsusho Systems to help customers quickly achieve their business and technology goals.
  • Single-tenant and multi-tenant cloud services are offered by Toyota Tsusho Systems.

Engineering and technology companies based in Japan can take advantage of these benefits by contacting Toyota Tsusho Systems. Toyota Tsusho Systems will recommend a cloud service type and system simulation approach based on the customer’s requirements.

“Modelon’s system simulation platform, Modelon Impact, perfectly complements our ability to deliver secure cloud technology. Together, we’re looking forward to helping companies become more agile and innovative in their engineering approach”, says Kiyoshi Nishio, Product Manager at Toyota Tsusho Systems.  

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About Modelon

Modelon offers systems modeling and simulation software that accelerates product innovation, development, and operations in a range of industries. Modelon’s flagship product, Modelon Impact, is a cloud-native system simulation software platform featuring a collaborative browser-based interface and thousands of proven models and components spanning a broad range of applications. Headquartered in Lund, Sweden, and with global reach, Modelon is an expert industry leader in model-based systems engineering with a focus on leveraging open standard technologies.

About Toyota Tsusho Systems

Toyota Tsusho Systems (TTS) is a trading company that develops IT solutions. TTS conducts operations around the world, from Japan to Singapore, Thailand, China, India, Indonesia, the US, Germany, Belgium, and the UK. Digital transformation (Toyota Tsusho’s trading company functions) x Integrated global IT (systems) = Toyota Tsusho Systems. The creative capacity to forge limitless business opportunities is one of the strengths of Toyota Tsusho Systems.

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Swati Tyagi
Marketing Director at Modelon

Kiyoshi Nishio
Product Manager at Toyota Tsusho Systems