Battery modeling research in electric mobility

Press Release (from 16/01/2013)

With a budget of 1.9 million Euros the Bavarian Research Foundation will support the Research Cooperation for electric mobility, short FORELMO (German: Forschungsverbund für Elektromobilität). The starting signal fell on January 1st of the new year – the project duration was defined to last for three years.

The cooperation was founded with a focus on the topics electric motors, battery systems and power electronics, on which also Modelon specializes. The future technology electric mobility will be strengthened and advanced by this and is shown by the across locations collaboration of partners in Wurzburg, Nuremberg and Erlangen.

Modelon is working on a battery model, which is going to be validated and optimized with the cooperation partners. In line with the project, algorithms to define the state of charge (SOC) and the state of health (SOH) will be developed on the level of cell, module and package. For the quick and flexible development, a reference set of data will be generated (out of aging studies of EES) and the algorithms for a state estimation can be tested and optimized directly on the computer with Modelon´s battery model. The focus lies on the applicability of the state estimator on a modular battery management system (BMS) in order to raise the efficiency of the electric drive train.

Our partners in the network are in detail: Fraunhofer IISB, Erlangen, TU Munich, Georg-Simon-Ohm-University Nuremberg, Landshut university, EPCOS AG Munich, FMS Systemtechnik GmbH, IAV Munich, Infineon Technologies AG Neubiberg, LION Smart GmbH Frieding, Süd-Chemie AG Moosburg, TÜV SÜD Battery Testing GmbH Garching.

For further questions please get in touch! Simply write an email to our CEO Johannes Gerl.