Modelon Liquid Cooling Library

Modeling and simulation of liquid cooling systems for virtual prototyping, component dimensioning and control design.

Liquid Cooling Library is developed for cooling system design with internal compressible or incompressible flow. The library covers all types of cooling systems across a range of industries such as automotive, aerospace, industrial equipment and process. Specific applications include engine cooling, motor and power electronics cooling, and battery thermal management.
The library provides a comprehensive set of high performance building blocks for cooling circuit modeling. With full transient thermal response, the library can be used for both system design and control system development.
Users can easily create modified components and new fluid models for integration with existing library components.


  • High performance analysis models of incompressible liquid cooling systems
  • Fast computation and zero flow support allow you to analyze full driving cycles including real-time applications
  • 25+ internal flow components with predictive geometric and calibratable flow resistance correlations
  • 15 + fluid models with temperature dependent properties including water, glycol solutions, oil, and jet fuels
  • Pre-configured templates for high performance heat exchanger stack models with 3D visualization
  • Operating temperature of components visualized with color coding, also moving positions of e.g. valves and tank levels
  • Fully compatible with Modelon thermofluid libraries