System Simulation for Academia and Research

Modelon’s cloud-native platform, Modelon Impact, enables accurate physical modeling and simulation for physical systems and sub-systems.

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Partner with Modelon for Research in System Simulation

Looking to bring systems modeling and simulation to your institution or into your academic research? Modelon has a long tradition of working with students, master thesis candidates, and institutions throughout the world.

Master Thesis Projects

Modelon has active partnerships with academic institutions and regularly accept computer science and engineering students to conduct and complete their master’s thesis.

Academic Instruction & Education Grants

Modelon offers deeply discounted product pricing to accredited universities worldwide for classroom and unfunded research use.

University and Professional Conferences

Modelon has contributed hundreds of technical papers to well-known professional and academic conferences dedicated to MBSE and System Simulation.

Research Partnerships

Modelon is involved in funded research programs in Europe and North America where we contribute expertise, model development, and software licenses. We also offer deeply discounted product pricing to research institutions.

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