Jet Propulsion Library v1.3 is part of Modelon’s 2019.1 release.

New versions of Modelon libraries are sold and distributed directly from Modelon, as well as approved resellers.

New features

  • Due to export control regulations, F100 engine example model is available as a separate package, JetPropulsionExtra. Please contact for more information.
  • Added separate thrust coefficient correlations for convergent, convergent-divergent and fixed nozzles.
  • Aft-body drag computation added in the nozzle model
  • Weight estimation of most sub-systems and components
  • Added the possibility to print the cycle summary data and flow station data either in the log or in a CSV file. This option can be enabled by setting initialCycleSummary and terminalCycleSummary parameter in ambient model to ‘Print cycle summary’ (to print in log) or ‘Write cycle summary to a file’ (to write in a CSV file).
  • The cooling flows of the turbine can now be modeled more accurately. First, the user can prescribe that a cooling flow contributes fully to turbine work, that it does not contribute to turbine work, or that it partially contributes to turbine work (after subtracting the bleed pumping power, per SpecificPwrPumpBld and corresponding correlations). See parameter turbineCoolingFlow and corresponding enumeration of the turbine model. Second, it is possible to introduce pressure losses connected to the cooling flows that fully contribute to work (e.g., nozzle guide vane cooling), and that do not contribute to turbine work (e.g., rotor cooling). Two correlations are provided with the library.
  • The turbine model can now be used with an additional type of performance maps using corrected speed and r-line as independent variables of the table (see for instance the variant reading such tables from external XML performance map files). Previously, only corrected speed and pressure ratio were supported as look-up table independent variables off-the-shelf (e.g., the variant reading such tables from external XML performance map files).


  • Improved the functionality of the mixer to allow sizing primary and secondary cross section areas from a prescribed Mach Number at the design point.
  • Added an option to expose the cycle properties via RealOutput connectors.
  • Added technical notes describing boundary conditions, turbomachinery models and parameterization. In line with the latter, several component parameterization dialogs were improved.
  • Added one frequently asked question about the thermo-fluid connectors to the list of FAQs
  • Clarified that the inlet connector of the Inlet component refers to freestream conditions in variable comments and documentation. Removed group of parameters “Inlet static conditions” from tab “Steady state”. Renamed variable AsIn to Afs (freestream capture area).
  • Upgraded the TotalSensor ports to TotalStaticSensor ports, including static properties when needed or else given dummy values. See “Removed classes” below.
  • Correction to numbering of stations in engine for TotalStaticSensor_out. More consistent between templates.
  • Expanded and improved the documentation of the burner.
  • Protection annotations for media and map table packages in compressor and turbine were changed. It is now possible to see the Modelica code for these packages.

Fixed issues

  • Removed warning messages on variables having start values which is not a parameter expression in compressor and turbine.
  • Removed warning messages on parameters with fixed = false attribute also have a binding expression in compressor and turbine.
  • Both the inlet and the nozzle model failed to simulate supersonic operating conditions in some cases. This was corrected, in particular via changes to setStatic_Mnw().

New classes

  • JetPropulsion.Burners.Augmenter
  • JetPropulsion.Basic.Nozzles.Correlations.ThrustCoefficient.Conic
  • JetPropulsion.Basic.Nozzles.Correlations.ThrustCoefficient.ConDiv
  • JetPropulsion.Basic.Nozzles.Correlations.ThrustCoefficient.Fixed
  • JetPropulsion.Basic.Nozzles.Correlations.AftBodyDragCoefficient
  • JetPropulsion.Basic.Sensors.Internal
  • JetPropulsion.Basic.Sensors.Internal.Headers
  • JetPropulsion.Basic.Sensors.Internal.TotalFilePrinter
  • JetPropulsion.Basic.Sensors.Internal.TotalStaticFilePrinter
  • JetPropulsion.Basic.Sensors.Internal.TotalStationUndefined
  • JetPropulsion.Basic.Turbines.Correlations.PressureLoss.Interfaces.Base
  • JetPropulsion.Basic.Turbines.Correlations.PressureLoss.None
  • JetPropulsion.Basic.Turbines.Correlations.PressureLoss.NozzleGuideVane
  • JetPropulsion.Basic.Turbines.Correlations.PressureLoss.RotorCooling
  • JetPropulsion.Utilities.Types.TurbineCoolingFlow
  • JetPropulsion.Basic.Turbines.PRmaps.Templates.CorrectedSpeedAndPressureRatio
  • JetPropulsion.Basic.Turbines.PRmaps.Templates.CorrectedSpeedAndRline
  • JetPropulsion.Basic.Turbines.PRmaps.RlineBasedExternalFile
  • JetPropulsion.Basic.Mixers

Renamed Classes

  • JetPropulsion.Burners.Augmenter -> JetPropulsion.Burners.AugmenterWithBypass

Removed Classes

  • The JetPropulsion.Basic.Volumes.MultiPortVolume has been deleted from the library.
  • The JetPropulsion.Basic.Compressors.RlineMaps.DefaultWithVisualization has been deleted from the library.
  • The JetPropulsion.Basic.Nozzles.Correlations.ThrustCoefficient.Interfaces and JetPropulsion.Basic.Nozzles.Correlations.ThrustCoefficient.Constant are removed from library as separate implementations are done for different types of nozzles.
  • The JetPropulsion.Basic.Sensors.Interfaces.TotalSensor_in and JetPropulsion.Basic.Sensors.Interfaces.TotalSensor_out have been removed from the library and replaced with JetPropulsion.Basic.Sensors.Interfaces.TotalStaticSensor_in and JetPropulsion.Basic.Sensors.Interfaces.TotalStaticSensor_out. The new port add static properties, refer to JetPropulsion.Basic.Inlets.Inlet for an example of its usage.

Conversion of user libraries

  • Automatic conversion of user libraries from version 1.2 to 1.3 is supported using the included conversion script “Convert_to_1.3.mos” located under JetPropulsion 1.3ResourcesScripts.


  • JetPropulsion 1.3 is based on Modelon Base Library 3.3 and Modelica Standard Library 3.2.2.