FMI Toolbox Coder Add-on

Modelon’s FMI Toolbox for MATLAB/Simulink Coder Add-on enables users to export FMUs from Simulink and import FMUs to a Simulink Coder target. Key capabilities and features related to the latest version of the FMI Toolbox Coder Add-on for Matlab/Simulink are below.

Export Simulink Models to FMUs
•    Create Co-Simulation and Model Exchange FMUs from Simulink models
•    Structured variable names that reflect Simulink model hierarchy
•    Optionally hide all internal information for protection of IP
•    Expose internal signals of Simulink model in the exported FMU

Build FMUs to a Simulink Coder Target

•    Deploy FMUs with source code  to HiL testing
•    Compile FMU block in Simulink for real-time platforms using Simulink Coder
•    Supported by target platforms in which the compiler supports C-code S-functions and is compatible with the FMU source code

Compatibility Requirements: Matlab, Simulink, Matlab Coder, Simulink Coder, FMI Toolbox


With the FMI Toolbox for MATLAB® and Simulink®, Modelon is a product partner of The MathWorks Connections Program. The program keeps partners updated with new product releases and helps guarantee a high-quality solution that adheres to the standards set by the MathWorks product line.