Innovate 2022 Frequenty Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to attend Modelon Innovate 2022?
A: Modelon Innovate 2022 is free of charge. Both conference days, and the social events, are at no cost to attendees. However, attendees will need to account for the cost of their hotel stay and transportation to Stockholm.

Q: Do I need to attend both the conference day and training day?
A: No, you can choose to attend either session or you can choose to attend both sessions.

Q: If I only signed up for the training day, can I still attend the evening social event?
A: Yes! All Modelon Innovate attendees are invited to the Wednesday night social event.

Q: What is the dress code at Modelon Innovate 2022?
A: The dress code for the conference, training day, and social event is business casual. Dress comfortably and ready to engage!

Q: Why do I have to wait until my registration is approved by a Modelon representative?
A: Due to limited availability at the conference, we will review and approve each application. For the best chance of having your registration approved, please apply to register as early as possible.

Q: I need to cancel my registration. Who should I contact?
A: Please contact Jenny Nilsson at to inform us of your cancellation. The quicker we are informed, the quicker we can invite the next person on our waitlist.

Q: Is there an agenda?
A: Our agenda is coming soon! Sign up for our email list to be notified when the Modelon 2022 agenda is released.

Modelon Innovate Oct 19 - 20

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