New Features

Slalom maneuver

A new ISO Slalom maneuver has been introduced. There is a new RoadBuilder function Grounds.RoadBuilder.slalom to create the road file and an example experiment (Examples.Manuevers.Slalom) that uses it.

New functionality in suspension test rigs

The suspension test rigs can now actuate suspension roll angle while maintaining a predefined total axle load. This is a common load case when evaluating a suspension.

When running with contact patch height as input to the test rig, there is now the option to specify a switch time when the rig switches from controlling wheel center height to controlling contact patch height. This allows the zero height for contact patch height to be defined where wheel center height is zero. This gives more consistent results for varying tire radius and stiffness.


Updated interfaces for heavy vehicles

Chassis interfaces for heavy vehicles have been updated. There is now a single interface with vectorized hubs (Vehicles.Chassis.Interfaces.Truck) that is used for all truck and tractor models. Similarly, new interfaces for trailers have been added (Vehicles.Chassis.Interfaces.SemiTrailer and Vehicles.Chassis.Interfaces.FullTrailer). SemiTrailer has one group of axles while FullTrailer has one front and one rear group. Note that existing truck and trailer templates have been updated to extend from these new interfaces.

Having a single interface for all truck models allows us to create more experiment templates which are valid for all trucks regardless of the axle configuration. Experiment templates for trucks are now available in Vehicles.Chassis.Experiments.Templates.Trucks.

The Change class menu can now be used to redeclare to any truck example in VDL and any custom model that extends the single Truck interface model.

Minor Changes

  • The icon_file parameter has been removed from Atmospheres.Interfaces.Base and all standard atmosphere models.
  • The summary variables of the chassis motion blocks (i.e., Chassis.Motion.FreeMotion) are supposed to return chassis states resolved at the summary resolve point (r0_summary). The position variables: summary_r_x, summary_r_y, summary_r_z were incorrectly returning the position at the vehicleFrame. These variables now appropriately return the position at the summary resolve point.

Obsolete Models

  • Migration.ParsFiles was removed. The models associated with ParsFiles were obsolete due to significant restructuring of the PARS files. These models were removed to avoid confusion. (#553)

Conversion of User Libraries

User libraries will automatically be converted from version 2.4. These conversions are made using the included conversion script: VehicleDynamics/Resources/Scripts/Convert_to_2.5.mos.


Vehicle Dynamics Library 2.5 is based on Modelon Base Library 2.6 and Modelica Standard Library 3.2.2.