Modelon Vehicle Dynamics Library

Simulation of wheeled vehicle systems and related subsystems suited for detailed analysis with performance for real-time simulation and HIL applications.

Vehicle Dynamics Library provides an open and user-extensible environment for full vehicle and subsystem analysis. Designed with a hierarchical structure and an extensive library of predefined vehicle components, configuration of any class of wheeled vehicles is convenient and straight-forward. Vehicle Dynamics Library allows you to optimize and verify design of your vehicle systems from the early design phases through control design and implementation. Vehicle Dynamics Library is unique in that it provides true multi-body, multi-domain simulation with real-time performance and model export capabilities to allow distribution across your organization.


  • Contains an extensive library of pre-defined components and subsystems
  • System and component design in the same tool
  • Open and easily extensible natively (via Modelica) or using existing customer subroutines
  • Deployable through binary model export and source code generation
  • Multi-domain
  • Fast, real-time capable