Modelon Vapor Cycle Library

The Vapor Cycle Library enables rapid design and simulation of vapor compression cycles for virtual prototyping, component dimensioning, and control system design.

The Vapor Cycle Library is intended for design, analysis and optimization of vapor cycle systems including vapor compression cycles for heating or cooling purposes and Organic Rankine cycles for waste-heat recovery. Component interaction and dynamic system behavior can be studied at an early design stage to perform control design, charge optimization as well as performance studies.

The library can be used as an integrated part of energy management design for both mobile and residential applications, as a stand-alone solution or extended with the functionality of the Liquid Cooling Library and the Heat Exchanger library.

Vapor Cycle Library is ideal for system and component development in the automotive or aerospace industry, domestic air-conditioning and heating, industrial refrigeration and waste heat recovery, cryogenic applications, food production, and supermarket refrigeration.


  • Easy to use examples for pre-defined vapor compression cycles
  • Transient and steady-state simulation
  • Flexible composition of user-defined system architectures
  • Comprehensive set of refrigerants
  • Interface with CoolProp and REFPROP
  • Can be used with Liquid Cooling Library and Heat Exchanger Library as an integral Vehicle Thermal Management solution
  • Based on the Modelica Language open standard