Modelon Thermal Power Library

Thermal modeling of conventional and conceptual power plant design for performance analysis, optimization, development, and verification.

The Thermal Power Library provides a modeling and simulation framework for thermal power plant operation. The comprehensive set of components enables performance analysis and optimization of all types of thermal power plants. Multiple designs and dynamic behavior can easily be studied in the early concept design phase. The Thermal Power Library is also ideal for control system development and verification: for example, in developing control strategies to cope with rapid load changes brought on by the increasing use of renewable energy sources.
Thermal Power Library also models transient operation and control for start-up and load rejection scenarios. A particular advantage is the ability to simulate dynamic as well as steady-state behavior using a single model. In addition to covering the entire steam cycle, Thermal Power Library can also be used for modeling and simulation of the flue gas side, including a wide range of after-treatment technologies such as desulphurization, NOx-removal, and CCS.


  • Enables both dynamic and steady-state simulation in a single model
  • Wide range of component models