MARCH 10, 2014

10th International Modelica Conference, Lund, Sweden


To cope with future mobility society, development of many new concept vehicles is increasingly active in recent years. Figure 1 shows a new EU regulation about light weight vehicles [1]. Those vehicles have characteristics of smaller size, lighter weight, less number of passengers than conventional vehicles. Also those vehicles tend to be equipped with lower RRC (Rolling Resistance Coefficients) tires and new driving systems mainly using electric motors to achieve less emission and less energy consumption. On the other hand, Toyota has a vision about future eco-cars as shown in Figure 2. Toyota thinks EVs are suitable as short-distance mobility though there is a possibility of extending the driving range using range extender devices such as small combustion engine, additional battery and so on. In this paper, model-based-development of a new vehicle using Modelica is described. The models were developed based on Vehicle Dynamics Library (VDL) of Dymola.