This on-demand webinar provides a short introduction to Modelon and Modelon Impact followed by a demonstration that covers the replacement of an existing natural gas-fired gas turbine with a sustainable hydrogen gas-fired turbine, including the review of:

  • Conventional Application- generator cooling with hydrogen gas
  • Burning Hydrogen- effects on exhaust gas composition, increased humidity, and no carbon dioxide
  • Heat Capacity- added water in flue gas per unit of mass is more than twice as high as the replaced carbon dioxide
  • Matching Firing Power and Turbine Inlet Temperature- resulting in less combustion air and therefore lower exhaust flow rate


Stéphane Velut is the Energy & Power Industry Director at Modelon. He holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble and a Ph.D. in Automatic Control from Lund University. Stéphane has more than ten years of experience in model-based systems engineering with a focus on the optimization of energy processes and physical modeling for dynamic simulation.

Moritz Hübel is Modelon’s Team Leader Solution Services for Germany. Moritz received his Ph.D. in Technical Thermodynamics from the University of Rostock. He has an extensive background in research and dynamic simulation of thermal power plants as well as energy system simulation.